Thursday, October 15, 2009

Experiment in blogging and games

Sometimes I create tiny experimental computer games. And I want to share my thought about that.

This blog is really "experimental" - on top of being about experimental games, I am experimenting with how long&often will I be able to be blogging. Usually I am far too lazy or overworked to be blogging. But I need a solid way to read feedbacks from anybody who played my tiny experimental games and wants to tell me their opinions. So guys, I created this blog for you to be able to comment, more than for me to express my thoughts on EGP.

By the way - what is an "Experimental Game-Play"? For me, it is:
1. anything beyond the mainstream-like gameplay
2. anything that is trying to reach for new possibilities in gameplay

And why is it interesting for me? Because I do work in computer game industry :) and I personally do find EGP fascinating.

I know - it is not for everyone. Many hardcore gamers would hate much of the existing EGP games or even ideas. But, once per 100 EGP games a real gem is found that emerges to a wonderful product - take World of Goo for example. It's like a digging for a gold nugget - lot of dirty work, but when you are persistent and a bit lucky, then it's all worth the effort.
Not to mention all that fun I had playing EGP games created by other people, for example at Experimental Gameplay Project. Many, many thanks for all that fun, guys - you sometimes made my head spin :) I only do hope my tiny games will occasionally do the same for you!

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