Friday, October 16, 2009

Bare minimum

In August 2009 the EGP blog challenged us to create EGP games in theme "Bare minimum". That tickled me...a lot...awfully lot! It was even hard for me to decide which idea to implement - I had like 10 ideas, later I will share them here on this blog.

So here lays what I created - three tiny games:

1. MoonHop - one-button control of an astronaut trying to save himself by getting to his base before he runs out of oxygen.

2. 1D platformer - how many dimensions do you need to play a platformer? I think that one is enough! So this one is played in one straight line. Otherwise, it's quite like Mario (just kidding).

3. Johnny the Bat - a game with no graphics. You have to orientate yourself only by sound. The goal is to lead a Bat through a tiny maze just by hearing where the obstacles are.

Here you can download Windows executables for all three.

I would love to read your comments about these cruel, tell me the truth - did you have fun at all?

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